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10 Reasons Chocolate is a Better Gift than Flowers

10 Reasons Chocolate is a Better Gift than Flowers

If you aren’t sure whether to give flowers or chocolates for a gift, here are a few good reasons to choose chocolate!

1. You can eat chocolate

2. Chocolate requires no upkeep

3. The gift of chocolate is literally sweeter

4. You can decorate and personalize chocolates

5. Chocolate contains a chemical called phenylethylamine. High levels of this neurotransmitter help promote feelings of attraction, excitement, and giddiness

6. Cocoa butter melts at 97°F – just below body temperature.  So, it actually does melt in your mouth

7. Chocolate is good for you.  Chocolate, cocoa, and cacao are high in the mineral magnesium which is essential for over 500 functions in your body including heart health and muscle function

8. Consumption of raw cacao increases weight loss in overweight individuals, according to research in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

9. Chocolate comes in beautiful boxes, which you can save as a keepsake

10. It just tastes great.  That’s enough reason for most people

  • Posted by Nada
  • March 31, 2017