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Chocolate Favors, Chocolate Party Favors, Chocolate Baby Favors and More

Chocolate Favors, Chocolate Party Favors, Chocolate Baby Favors and More

Why do people have party favors? There are so many reasons and motivations for creating small mementos of special days and events, so there is no one answer to the larger question.

Chocolate Party FavorsAny time there is a celebration, favors can definitely add a nice touch. Whether they’re for your guests to take with them or enjoy on the spot, favors (especially edible ones) are a detail not to be overlooked.

chocolate-favors-weddingsI have had the pleasure to create chocolate favors for so many different events and celebrations, so to reminisce on the good times, I share pictures from some of my favorites!

Chocolate Party FavorsWeddings may be the first sort of special event that comes to mind, and it is true, wedding favors are an important part of SoBelle Favors’ business. No matter what the theme of the wedding, wedding favors can be customized to fit your specific color scheme and/or theme. Royal, exotic, fancy: it doesn’t matter!

Chocolate Party FavorsMaybe the wedding hasn’t come yet, and you’re still celebrating the engagement; there are bridal shower favors for that!

Or, say the wedding has come and gone, and now a baby is on the way! If you’re planning a baby shower and you want some special favors to give your guests, baby blues and pinks never looked so good!

Favors, especially chocolate favors, are a delicious and appropriate way to celebrate life’s special moments. Whether you need just a few or maybe you’d like a platter tray, SoBelle Favors can cater to any of your party’s needs.

chocolate-party-favors2Young or old; celebrating the 5th or the 50th, unique party favors can add the perfect touch to your events!


  • Posted by Nada
  • June 21, 2013