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Let’s Talk Babies, Children and Chocolate For a Second!

Let’s Talk Babies, Children and Chocolate For a Second!

Have you ever wondered what do babies, children, and chocolate have in common? Well the answer is quite clear, isn’t it? They each have a way of making us happy! But we kind of knew that right? In fact, some studies show holding or seeing babies, or eating chocolate, can elicit oxytocin in the body. In other words, they both give us the warm fuzzy feeling of happiness.

Well it’s almost Springtime, the season of “new life” and new beginnings. Spring is a symbol of rebirth, a time when the weather warms up, days become longer and flowers and trees begin to grow again. Spring is a time of new beginnings in all its glories which also means we get to celebrate new life in all its facets. There are babies being born, baptized, receiving their first communion, and then of course you can’t have Spring and not think about Easter.

Easter Tray

Clearly all these occasions have one thing in common. An opportunity to be around babies and little children. But it is also a perfect opportunity to gift and eat chocolate. Given these are very special occasions, you naturally want the best chocolate around. You want to make sure you’re gifting chocolate from someone who prides themselves on the highest quality of the chocolate itself and obviously, you want chocolate that is going to taste absolutely decadent. And if this is a gift, you will want the chocolate to be beautifully and uniquely decorated and presented.

To get an idea of what we mean – go on over to our Newborn Baby collection. The chocolates are imported from Lebanon, and personally customized and wrapped by the founder herself. Each chocolate – dare I say, is made with love! So go ahead, celebrate new life, celebrate those babies and children, and don’t hesitate for a minute, eat that chocolate for more happiness all around!

  • Posted by Nada
  • February 19, 2020