Middle Eastern Custom Wedding Favor

         We are thrilled to share the wedding photos of Jillian and Sumanth who tied the knot in San Francisco July 27th, 2019. Vows were exchanged at a gorgeous wedding venue, the Rosewood Sandhill. The couple celebrated by hosting a Middle Eastern wedding with matching custom wedding favors.  SoBelle made custom wedding favors with shimmering quilted pink wrapping accented with ivory Jordan almonds. The personalized matching ivory and silver accent ribbons including the bride and groom names along with the wedding date.

The bride selected these chocolate wedding favors, because she wanted to preserve the Middle Eastern tradition of providing favors and Jordan almonds during the first wedding celebrations. These gorgeous and elegant favors were loved by all the family members and all the guests. We wish the newlyweds all the happiness!

Custom Wedding Favor Description:

The Middle Eastern wedding favors consisted of a big piece of chocolate wrapped in a soft and fancy pink wrapping embellished with 3 Jordan almonds, topped with a satin bow, silver crystal flower and a printed ribbon with the bride and groom names along with the wedding date.