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SoBelle Favors proudly celebrates its 13 Year Anniversary!

SoBelle Favors proudly celebrates its 13 Year Anniversary!

Nada Adjadj, the owner of SoBelle Favors, carries immense passion for all designs and styling chocolate favors for any occasion. August 2019 marks 13 years filled with amazing clients, motivated vendors, long-lasting memories and being part of many monumental events.

In early August 2006, SoBelle Favors received its first order of 1000 chocolate favors for St. Therese Parish 50th Anniversary in San Diego. 

What was once a hobby and a dream has evolved into SoBelle Favors a profitable business, that provides much joy and satisfaction for it’s employees, clientele and those fortunate enough to be gifted a SoBelle Favor.  SoBelle Favor is most grateful for the amazing clients whom have entrusted us to be part of their most precious celebrations. Without our clients, referrals and amazing reviews SoBelle Favor would not have flourished into the business it has become today. 

Some of SoBelle Favor’s milestone accomplishments include:

Over 1,200 Orders: SoBelle Favor has happily completed over 1,200 orders, many of which are returning clients and client referrals.

A Large International Presence: 25% of SoBelle chocolate favors have been shipped out internationally. When SoBelle first started the concept of completing an international order was not fathomable and now a bulk of our orders are internationally shipped and we are honored to be part of these milestone events happening all over the world.

Over 200 positive Client Reviews: Over these 13 years SoBelle has proudly received over 200 reviews, either sent in a private message or public forum. Most reviews touch on our delicious chocolates, gorgeous designs, and wonderful customer service.

We Haven’t Turned Down a Client: During these 13 years there hasn’t been an event or theme that SoBelle was not able to accommodate. SoBelle has customized chocolate favors for the past 13 years and looks forward to creating new designs in the future.

Baby Showers and Arrivals, Weddings Favors: The most popular question we’ve received over these 13 years is what designs do you do most and it is a fair split between baby favors and wedding favors. Baby favors range from baby showers, baby arrival trays and other chocolate favors utilize by clients to welcome the arrival of their babies. Additionally, SoBelle has been blessed to be part of many weddings.

Launching of a Professional Line: When we first launched SoBelle we expected to focus exclusively on special occasions, however clients began to place thank you orders specifically for their vendors, customers, physicians, lawyers, financial advisors, and others in their professional network. In an attempt to accommodate our clients’ demands we launched a professional line focused on these industries and look forward to growing this new line of chocolates.

Last but not Least SoBelle has given back to the Community it Loves: Over the 13 years in business SoBelle Favors has had the opportunity to donate to many nonprofits, some of which include:

– SD Police Shield GalaRady
– Children’s Hospital Tournament
– Big Brother Big Sister
– Crisis House
– Friends of Vista Hills
– San Diego NACE

SoBelle Favors is grateful for the past 13 years and looks forward to many beautiful years to come. 

  • Posted by Nada
  • August 06, 2019