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SoBelle For Family & The Holidays

SoBelle For Family & The Holidays

Box #5With the holidays fast approaching, one thing is for certain:  family and celebrations.  No matter what one’s religious affiliation (or even if they don’t have any), one can generally find themselves spending time with loved ones or being invited as a “plus one” to a mutual friend’s holiday or family celebration.  The reality is, you can’t escape it this time of year.  For example, check out some of the most popular holidays this time of year:

Christianity (Christmas, December 25), Judaism (Channukah, December 16-December 24), Buddhism (Day of Enlightenment, December 8), Hinduism (Pancha Ganapati- December 21-25, a 5-day festival celebrated by Hindus in the USA in honor of Lord Ganesha), Kwanzaa (December 26-January 1), Muslim (Ramadan on occasion carries over into December, depending on how the dates fall).

Whether you personally celebrate one of these holidays or not, chances are you know someone who does.  You may find yourself hosting or attending a holiday celebration where SoBelle chocolates are the perfect favors for guests or hostess gift.

You have the option to purchase online or contact SoBelle Chief Design Architect Nada Adjadj to have something customized.  There is a design for all occasions to make your event stand out and celebrate with family and friends in style.

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  • Posted by Nada
  • November 25, 2014