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SoBelle Luxury Chocolates, an Online “Chocolaterie”

SoBelle Luxury Chocolates, an Online “Chocolaterie”

Photo 18A traditional “chocolaterie” is a business that both makes chocolate sweets and sells them and is usually a small family business.  SoBelle takes this traditional definition and puts a twist on it, by being an online boutique chocolaterie.  With passionate attention to detail and unwavering focus on each unique customer and a full knowledge that every custom-creation is a reflection of the customer who ordered it, as well as SoBelle’s legacy and reputation, SoBelle offers clients a convenient “online chocolaterie”, where they can shop in the convenience of their own home, on the go and on their own schedule.  That is something you won’t see at a physical shop location. 

SoBelle also offers customized packaging for each and every decadent and sumptuous morsel that makes receiving the chocolate almost – we said almost– as good as tasting it.

To view SoBelle’s online boutique/chocolaterie, shop here. 

Don’t see what you are looking for? SoBelle Luxury Chocolates and Favors welcomes custom requests.

  • Posted by Nada
  • July 31, 2015