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The Beauty of Our Work!

The Beauty of Our Work!

People across the world love party/event favors, and recently, I had the pleasure of providing chocolate favors for 3 special events that took place on March 1st, 2014 in different part of the North America.


Congratulation Autumn & Michael

In Pacific Ocean all the way in Hawaii, Autumn and Michael tied the knot. The couple chose a dark chocolate wrapped in White paper topped with Lavender ribbon and wine charm to match their wedding theme and colors.


Happy Birthday Jacquie

In the east coast all the way in New York City, Jacquie celebrated her 40th birthday. Her husband planned an over the top dinner party to celebrate her special day with family and close friends.  The favors were stunning and exquisite. We decorated the chocolate favors with Jacquie favorite colors gold and purple topped each one with our signature embellishment.


Happy Anniversary to Mr. & Mrs. Giuliano

All the way in Calgary, Canada the Giuliano family celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary. Their daughter-in-law wanted to give out a special thank you to their guests for sharing the family special day.  SoBelle Chocolates Favors designed a special favor that fit perfectly their theme. Chocolate favors wrapped in gold wrapping topped with ivory ribbons embellished with 50 motifs.

  • Posted by Nada
  • March 05, 2014