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The Magic for Event Business Success Starts with The Right Questions

The Magic for Event Business Success Starts with The Right Questions

Photo 5SoBelle has been featured in Grace Ormonde Wedding Style, Colin Cowie Weddings,  in international bridal shows as well as has been featured as the preferred event supply partner for many event clients and professional event planners.  Throughout this time,  SoBelle has often been asked by fellow event industry professionals how it is they have been able to grow so quickly and develop their stellar reputation as a relative newcomer to the events industry.

While there are many “secrets” that make SoBelle unique that can never be duplicated,  much of their success can be attributed to a core ritual of questions and practices that yield success every time.

1.  What is the theme of your event?

2.  Do you have a color scheme?  Can you send samples of photos of colors or things that you’ve seen in the past and liked?

3.  How many guests or how many favors do you anticipate needing?

4.  What is your budget?

5. How are you planning to serve the favors: on each place setting, an escort table, or with dessert?
Here’s why knowing this can help me help clients with their planning, as it pertains to logistics and budget:

If a client is planning to place the favors on each place setting, that is a bonus because you know that each guest will receive a favor.   The escort table favor display is becoming more popular for big weddings on a more limited spending plan. Here’s why:  instead of having one for each person, one can do one favor per two people (in the case of a couple- i.e. “Mr. and Mrs.”) along with table number is a good way of maximizing a wedding spending plan.  And while dessert and candy tables are the trend these days, the only challenge with this option is that guests tend to have more than one,  especially if there are several chocolate favor designs, so this can often be more costly.  It really depends on the spending plan of the couple.


SoBelle owner Nada Adjadj loves to share her passion with her clients,  whatever the occasion is.   Part of SoBelle’s Photo 10success is a certain “je ne sais quoi” of magic that Ms. Adjadj infuses into her work and can never be duplicated.  The other part is simply that she has found a way to deliver a successful product with consistent service and results by following a few basics on which she follows through habitually. Once these questions above are answered, she can create a few samples from which her clients can choose, and the rest, as they say, is “history”.

  • Posted by Nada
  • November 04, 2014