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Top 3 Tips for Choosing  Wedding Favors

Top 3 Tips for Choosing Wedding Favors

Over the years, we have seen our share of wedding favors as guests going to a wedding ourselves, as well as designing wedding favors for our clientele.  Here are some of the top recommendations we offer when selecting wedding favors:

Do not try and DIY.  While DIY is very “in”, it actually can be very expensive.  Consider the time you must put in and if the favor is a first-time “experiment”, are you really prepared to take the time to experiment and see which materials work, which don’t, etc?  Also, without proper connections to buy things at wholesale prices, often DIY favors end up being incredibly expensive.  Be realistic upfront about what is going to be involved time and price-wise.

Be practical.  Choose something your guests will actually use and not have to clear through airport security, take up extra room in suitcases, break, and eventually sit on a shelf or thrown away.  There is nothing more practical than something edible.  And if you can make that edible delight a piece of art that contributes to your tablescape and place setting, all the better.  SoBelle specializes in just this.

Always order extra.  It is recommended to have about 10 extra per 100 guests to allow for any which may get lost or broken while on their way to the site.

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  • Posted by Nada
  • July 31, 2015