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What Chaucer, Cadbury and SoBelle Have in Common For Valentine’s Day

Rose are red, violets are blue, chocolate is heaven and SoBelle‘s legendary edible art is, too.

It is said that men and women in love will spend about one billion dollars on chocolate for Valentine’s Day.   Perhaps Cupid has something to do with the “in love” part.  But what about chocolate?  Why chocolate for Valentine’s Day?

While the origins of Valentine’s Day itself go back to Roman times (Valentine’s Day is named for two different Roman saints, each called Valentine and both completely unrelated to romantic love), legend states that the original St. Valentine was a priest who performed illegal marriages for the Emperor Claudius’ soldiers.  The initial mention of St. Valentine’s Day as a romantic celebratory holiday appeared in the writings of Chaucer in 1382 when the medieval period also brought a new focus on chaste, courtly love.  Knights would give roses to their maidens and honor their beauty in music from afar.  Sugar was hard to find, however, in Europe so Valentine’s Day didn’t really take off until the Victorian era, when Victorians relished the idea of lavish love, elaborate cards and gifts.  Here is where perfect timing means epic history in business:  Richard Cadbury had a family chocolate business and had recently made improvements to his chocolate -making techniques into making the most palatable drinking chocolate Europeans had ever tasted , which then resulted in eating chocolate.  Cadbury quickly seized this success as a marketing opportunity to start selling his product with beautifully decorated boxes he had designed himself.   The rest, as they say…..

We personally think Chaucer and even Mr. Cadbury would be proud of SoBelle‘s chocolate-making techniques, dedication to quality Belgian Chocolate , the best chocolate-making practices in the world and all wrapped up in an artful presentation that would make  medievals and Victorians alike swoon.  Whether you are buying chocolate for your sweetheart, a party, Valentine’s gifts, favors for a wedding or special event , SoBelle is proud to announce its Valentine’s collection, now for sale online.

  • Posted by Nada
  • January 13, 2015