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When Wine & Chocolate Meet, Good Things Happen

Whether those on your list are chocolate lovers or wine lovers, this is something that will take care of both.  When wine and chocolate come together, good things happen.  In fact, pairing both together has become quite an art.  At SoBelle, we are delighted to help you choose a chocolate that will complement the wine you are planning to give to make an extra memorable impression.  Whether you are buying dozens or hundreds for a special event or simply a few as personal gifts, this unique gift wows.

Each box of chocolate hanging on the wine bottle holds 4 square chocolates: 2 milk and 2 dark.  And to keep things super simple at a busy time of year, there is no need to purchase a separate gift card, as on the back of each box, a card label is already included.

Customization is welcome and the experts at SoBelle can help you decide what is best for your vision and budget.  Cost is $8.00 per box.

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  • Posted by Nada
  • December 02, 2014